Current Market Updates

Week 15 2024 market update:


Strawberries: California harvest is underway, and the berries are very nice! Florida has wrapped up the harvest. North Carolina harvest should take us through the month of April. We expect good quality if the regions are spared any unforeseen inclement weather.

Lettuces and Leafy Greens: Transition from the Arizona desert to California’s Huron region is underway. We are still experiencing elevated credits and returns from a handful of stores on iceberg and romaine hearts. Rib discoloration does not mean product is out of grade and if only cap leaves are affected credit is not appropriate... The quality evaluation on all lettuce needs to follow two criteria and credit should not be requested if one of these things is not present:


Discoloration affecting the product deeper than the first three leaves.

If it is just brown or pink discoloration on the bottom of the iceberg head it is in tolerance and credit should not be requested.

Limes: Mexican supplies have loosened, and more supply has become available

Watermelon: Harvest has just begun in Florida, but supply is very minimal… we expect bin melons to deliver in another couple of weeks

Blueberries: The Florida harvest is in full swing, and we expect good quality for the next month as Geogia begins as well

Asparagus: Supplies continue to be flush

Avocados: Mexican crop is limited, and markets are high we expect Columbia and Peru to begin by May and will see some relief at that point

Cantaloupe and Honeydew: We will receive offshore product from South and Central America until Mid-May.

Clementines: California Clementines will be available going likely through May. However, this is an off-harvest year, and markets are going to be high all season with yields peaking this month. Send your name and a quote to for recognition in next week’s update!

Colored Pepper: Supplies have improved dramatically, and we are now being offered promotions.

Eastern vegetables: Little to no change this week… good supply and quality out of Florida

Corn: Very good supply

Cabbage: Good supplies currently available

Cucumber: Florida supplies are good, and markets are falling

Green Pepper: Supplies are plentiful.

Zucchini and Yellow squash: Good supply and quality currently available

Grapes: The industry has moved to the Chilean season. We continue to have tightly supplied markets and expect that to be the case until Mexico begins harvest at the end of May.

Lemons: California harvest is ongoing. Supplies are good.

Mangoes: Harvest has begun in Mexico; supplies have improved significantly, and markets have dropped.

Mini Cucumber: Pero has been struggling with the cucumber quality and supply. We have moved to another source of supply to bridge any quality gap.

Mixed Berries: Out of Mexico, tight raspberry market with plenty of supply on Blackberries

Onions: White onion supplies have been extremely tight, but we see product starting again in the next two weeks. The Vidalia season begins next week although the region is shipping the preseason Georgia sweets already. We expect high markets to persist as the season begins with some leveling by the end of April or early May.


Nature Sweet Snacking tomatoes: We have received our full orders for the first time in months on the snacking tomatoes. We expect supply to be better going forward.


Beefsteak Supply is now meeting demand and we are heading into some promotable opportunities in the next few weeks.

TOV – Supplies are plentiful.